Bell Tower


Practice: Tuesday 7.30pm to 9pm

(except for the Tuesday in Holy week)

Sunday: 9:50 to 10:25

Visiting ringers are always welcome

If you are interested in joining us to ring or to come and have a go to see if you would like to join us and learn to ring or for more information, please contact our Bell Tower Captain:

Mr Richard Jeffery – 01243 822647 Or Julie Robinson – 01243 868881

Email: [email protected]


Bell 1 ‘My name is Doris’ 2cwt/2qtr/0lb
Cast at Whitechapel 2006 Hung 2007
Donated by Fred Durrant in Memory of Doris Durrant 1927 – 2006

Bell 2 ‘Michael, the Ringers Bell’ 2cwt/2qtr/21lbs
Cast at Whitechapel 2007 hung 2007
To commemorate St Michael’s West Mead which closed in 2006 and the
Fund raising efforts of the bell ringers who raised the funds for the
augmentation of the bells to a ring of 8 in 2006.

Bell 3 Cast by Taylors of Loughborough in 1988, this bell was hung at the same time as bell number 4 in 1989.
Weight: 2cwts. 2qts. 26lbs.

Bell 4 Cast by Taylors of Loughborough in 1988, this bell was hung with bell number 3 in 1989.
Weight: 3cwts. 2lbs.
Donated by Roy Chenappa
In memory of Violet Chenappa 1905 – 1974.

Bell 5 Cast by John Taylor and Co Founder Loughborough 1961.
Weight: 3cwts. 3qts. 11 lbs.
Presented by Miss E. J. Williams 1961.

Bell 6 Cast by Gillett and Johnston Croydon 1933. This bell was hung when the church was built in 1934 and was the only bell until the 1950’s
Weight: 5cwts. 0qrts. 21/2lbs

Bell 7 Cast by John Taylor and Co Loughborough 1958.
Weight: 5cwts. 3qts. 20lbs.
“My name is Katherine”
In memory of Katherine Mosse 1861 – 1955.

Bell 8 Cast by John Taylor and Co Loughborough 1958.
Weight: 7cwts. 3qts. 26lbs.
“My name is Herbert”
In memory of Herbert R Mosse M.D. 1858 – 1942.